Asset Allocation

The Key to Your Investment Success

Establishing an appropriate asset mix is a dynamic process, and it plays a key role in determining your portfolio's overall risk and return.  Your investment goals shold be reflected in your investment asset mix at any point in time.  

Strategic Asset Allocation
Invest in a proportional combination of assets based on their expected rates of return for each asset class. Once you determine how much should be invested in broad categories of investments, such as stocks or bonds, you continue that allocation mix for many years.

The basis of strategic asset allocation lies in something called Modern Portfolio Theory, which says that markets are efficient, and rather than trying to "bet" on the direction things will go, you should follow a static allocation to take advantage of the efficiency.

This approach helps investors avoid making emotional short-term decisions based on current market events.

Constant-Weighting Asset Allocation

Invest in a proportional combination of assets based on their expected rates of return for each asset class.  Thereafter, rebalance your portfolio to its original mix when any asset class moves more than 5-7% from its original value.

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