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1 Q 2019 Market Commentary

The story about the U.S. economy remains positive. Unemployment seems to have reached a trough just below 4% while not leading to horribly negative effects on productivity, and showing mild wage inflation, concentrated in certain areas of the economy.

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4 Q 2018 Market Commentary

The U.S. economy continues to stay in very healthy territory. Unemployment has stayed below 4% for many months while not showing the feared effect that an undersized labor force would have on productivity, and only showing mild wage inflation.

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3 Q 2018 Market Commentary

The 3rd quarter continued the economic progress seen so far in 2018. This good progress was seen in the extension of a bull market through Q3.

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About Pension Advisors

Pension Advisors is an Independent Investment Advisory firm founded in Cleveland, Ohio. With our strict focus on the retirement industry, we provide our clients with a better understanding of the industry, the providers, the funds, the fees and the available technology. We work with our clients in every aspect of the retirement process - including finding the best plan product, offering investment advice, negotiating the fees and contracts of the plan, as well as proactively and aggressively servicing our clients on an on-going, systematic basis.

In servicing retirement plans, we believe that the employees must also be educated and have a go-to person with regard to the Plan. We work with employees on selecting their funds, fund allocation, and individual investment advice on a one-to-one basis.

Our strength is in our determination. We aren’t satisfied until our clients receive the best service, best products, and best pricing. Every day.


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