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This quarter has been full of ups and downs. Commodities and emerging markets quietly led the way in performance, after several years near or at the bottom, while REITS stayed on top for the 3rd year. Big talk has been Brexit.

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Making Sense of Brexit…

Are we in the crosshairs of a terrible financial catastrophe or will cooler heads prevail?

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Your Employees are Stressed About Money … and It’s Costing You

Employers who want to proactively confront this reality should consider embracing the new wellness frontier: financial wellness.

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Market Review & Outlook

There is so much happening in the world this quarter that it is difficult to pinpoint a primary driver. Despite the noise of the markets this quarter, we are still in the midst of an expansion.

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Less Can Be More

Want to Save Your 401(k) Plan Participants Millions in Fees? Start with Fewer Choices

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Making Sense of the Market Slide

Even for the most experienced and informed investors these types of markets can feel scary. Nonetheless there is a difference between a temporary sell-off and a true market crisis.

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Market Insights

US Market’s underlying fundamentals remain healthy. Tactical exposure to growth areas and careful bond allocation to diversified and well-managed portfolios is key.

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The Fed. Raises Key Interest Rate

On Wednesday, December 16th, The Federal Reserve (the Fed.) raised its key interest rate from a range of 0% to 0.25% to a range of 0.25% to 0.5%.

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Market Commentary

US Market’s overall valuation has changed to undervalued, relative to historical ranges. Exposure to weakening emerging markets, which are commodity sensitive should be limited.

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Last Week’s Market Dive: Gambling vs. Investing

While everyone is trying to enjoy these last few weeks of summer, the stock market is trying to ruin the party.

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Latest Updates & Information

2 Q 2018 Market Commentary

The 2nd quarter continued to roll out strong economic results in the U.S. Some of this good data buoyed the market slightly in Q2.

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Second Quarter 2018 Market Insights Video

Check out the Second Quarter Market Insights led by Beth Spurry, CFP, CTFA.

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1 Q 2018 Commentary

International Markets continue to be the most favored area of investment for the first quarter of 2018 and looking forward for the next 12 months. The best performing asset class in Q1 was emerging market.

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