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In reflecting on the wild ride we have been on in the market, the analogy that has come to mind is the flight of the Boomerang. "Boomerang" is defined in Wikipedia as a ‘curved piece of wood that travels in an elliptical path and returns to its point of origin’.

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Wild Wild West

As we turned the calendar from 2008 to 2009, I think we would all agree that we could not get the New Year started fast enough after experiencing what was the most devastating year in the Market. In this Market Commentary, I will recap the "Wild Wild West" year that we had and discuss what lies ahead for 2009.

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Historic Times

It is Tuesday, October 14th, and as I sit down to write this commentary, I feel like I have just witnessed a horrific train wreck. That train wreck is the Stock Market.

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Crude Reality

As I sit to write the Market Commentary for the 2nd quarter of 2008, I cannot help but shake my head in sheer amazement as to what has transpired over the past 90 days (actually for the 2nd quarter of 2008). In many ways, the quarter was like the old movie "The Good, (April) The Bad, (May) and the Ugly (June)".

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Down but Not Out

In our Commentary for 4th Quarter of 2007, I compared the market to a flight I had recently taken and titled it “Turbulence”. As we conclude the 1st quarter of 2008, it is apparent that we are continuing the bumpy ride that we started in the final quarter of last year.

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Each quarter at Pension Advisors, I write a commentary about what happened in the market for the latest quarter as well as the past year. I also discuss what I expect to see affecting the market in the months ahead. While I will go through the events of the 4th Quarter of 2007, I will focus more on what is going on now and what we see ahead.

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Shake, Rattle & Roll

I have been in this business for over 16 years now and have never experienced anything like the 3rd quarter of 2007. I recently tried to describe the market activity to a participant and compared it to Joe Turner’s 1950's hit song. First we were all Shaken, then we were all Rattled by the market, then the Fed adjusted rates and the market Rolled.

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On Independence Day, I enjoyed watching a wonderful fireworks show. As I was thinking about it, I could not help but think that from a market perspective, we saw some real "Fireworks" during the 2nd Quarter of this year.

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March Madness

One of my favorite times of the year is from mid-March through early April. This period hosts the NCAA Tournament, Opening Day for Baseball, and The Masters golf tournament. CBS sportscaster, Brent Musberger, popularized the term “March Madness” back in 1982 to describe the frenzy associated with the NCAA Tournament.

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The Goldilocks Effect

As we said goodbye to 2006 and ushered in 2007, I contemplated what made 2006 such a good year in the market. There are a variety of factors that contributed to the S&P being up 15.8%, but I believe the single biggest factor was the Federal Reserve halting interest rate changes.

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