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March Madness

One of my favorite times of the year is from mid-March through early April. This period hosts the NCAA Tournament, Opening Day for Baseball, and The Masters golf tournament. CBS sportscaster, Brent Musberger, popularized the term “March Madness” back in 1982 to describe the frenzy associated with the NCAA Tournament.

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The Goldilocks Effect

As we said goodbye to 2006 and ushered in 2007, I contemplated what made 2006 such a good year in the market. There are a variety of factors that contributed to the S&P being up 15.8%, but I believe the single biggest factor was the Federal Reserve halting interest rate changes.

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Boomer Sooner

Normally, I spend my Saturday afternoons in the fall cheering for my favorite college football team, the Oklahoma Sooners. Having grown up in Oklahoma, one of the first things that every child learns is the school fight song called, "Boomer Sooner”.

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In our 1st Quarter 2006 Market Commentary, I expressed some concern over what I felt could happen in the market, and unfortunately many of those concerns came to fruition during the 2nd quarter of this year.

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Market on the Brink

As we have just ended the 1st Quarter for 2006, from an investment standpoint, things appear very good. We often hear in a movie or read in a novel, “things are often not as they appear”. As we head into the summer months, the market is facing a crossroad that it has not experienced in some time.

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4 Q 2018 Market Commentary

The U.S. economy continues to stay in very healthy territory. Unemployment has stayed below 4% for many months while not showing the feared effect that an undersized labor force would have on productivity, and only showing mild wage inflation.

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3 Q 2018 Market Commentary

The 3rd quarter continued the economic progress seen so far in 2018. This good progress was seen in the extension of a bull market through Q3.

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2 Q 2018 Market Commentary

The 2nd quarter continued to roll out strong economic results in the U.S. Some of this good data buoyed the market slightly in Q2.

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