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We work and direct the Plan Trustees in such a manner that the Plan operates at an optimum level and the Plan Trustees are less prone to litigation and government scrutiny.  With 20 years in the industry we understand the ins and outs of helping Plan Trustees manage their Plan.   We are fiduciaries to the Plan and aiding our clients in liability protection begins with good fiduciary practices.   We help our clients understand their duties within the fiduciary process: regular meetings with the fiduciaries, meeting minutes, Fiduciary Folder portal, developing an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), reviewing the investment options, a comprehensive and detailed investment performance review, and our on-going education and support to plan participants.


Investment Policy Statement:  Pension Advisors prepares, maintains and reviews the Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”) for the Plan, outlining investment objectives, responsibilities, watch list criteria and constraints consistent with the Plan and ERISA requirements.

Investment Selection: Pension Advisors reviews the Plan's investments and recommends investment manager(s) and investment(s) consistent with the requirements of the Plan's IPS.  Pension Advisors will recommend investment alternatives with a view to complying with the “broad range” requirement under regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Labor under ERISA Section 404(c). 

Quarterly Reporting: Pension Advisors monitors the Plan's investment manager(s) and investment(s) and may recommend additional investment(s) and investment managers(s) or other changes from time to time.  Pension Advisors prepares a quarterly reporting package and meets with the committee to review all aspects of the plan on a semi-annual basis.

Fiduciary Oversight: Pension Advisors provides training and oversight relating to fiduciaries responsibilities. Pension Advisors analyzes, reviews, and benchmarks plan expenses regularly.  Pension Advisors monitors the plan calendar and notifies client of plan deadlines and required disclosures.  We created and maintain a custom online Fiduciary Folder for the Plan Trustees to have full internet access to their fiduciary documents.

Participant Education:   One of the most important aspects of the services we provide is Employee Education. Our Education program is initiated through our Education Menu and we work with our clients to determine which programs would be most beneficial to their participant base.

We conduct all education meetings ourselves because we know how to engage the participants, encourage participation and/or increase contributions.  We incorporate Prezi, Riskalyze and the use of cell phones during education to poll participants during meetings which makes it more engaging as live results appear on the big screen and allows us to address responses and questions specific to the live poll results.   We prepare and provide posters and flyers to announce each meeting.

Compliance & 5500 Support: Pension Advisors will review annual compliance testing for accuracy and identify shortfalls to create participant education programs and analyze plan design options.  We work with the plan auditor to gather data for the audit.  We monitor the 5500 filing deadline and Summary Annual Report distribution.

Service Provider Search Support:  We will assist with the preparation of Requests For Proposals, evaluation of proposals/quotes, and interviews of investment providers and/or other plan service providers. We also assist with conversions between plan service providers. 

Office Hours
We have been told that the most important service that we provide happens after our education presentations when we conduct our “office hours”. During this time, we are available to all plan participants for a one-on-one meeting to help them with their individual retirement questions and other investment needs.

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