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The Specialist Advantage

Pension Advisors are specialists in the retirement industry. That is our focus — that’s what we do. As an independent advisory firm we take an objective approach to the options available to our clients with regard to specific plan dynamics. With our strict focus on the retirement industry, we strive to provide our clients with a better understanding of the industry, the providers, the funds, the fees and the available technology. Most importantly, employing our own Chief Investment Officer allows us to provide an investment service unparalled in the industry. We work with our clients in every aspect of the retirement process:

  • Prepare meeting agendas and formal meeting minutes
  • Plan document review and plan design recommendations
  • Prepare & compare multiple match formula contribution projections
  • Project mid-year compliance testing results
  • Analyze and review compliance testing to ensure accuracy and best results
  • Assist auditors in gathering plan information for plan financials
  • Create our own custom education materials and programs
  • Conduct our own employee education meetings & seminars
  • Conduct polls and surveys with participants to solicit feedback
  • Record education webinars sponsors can use with their participants
  • Analyze plan fees and benchmark against peers
  • Negotiate lower pricing with record-keepers & TPA’s
  • Periodically conduct an RFP on behalf of a client to check competiveness of the plan
  • Conduct plan health reviews to identify demographic trends and areas of improvement
  • Create and maintain online Fiduciary Folder portal for the client & their auditors
  • Educate fiduciaries each quarter with our Fiduciary Fundamental newsletter


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The U.S. economy continues to stay in very healthy territory. Unemployment has stayed below 4% for many months while not showing the feared effect that an undersized labor force would have on productivity, and only showing mild wage inflation.

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The 3rd quarter continued the economic progress seen so far in 2018. This good progress was seen in the extension of a bull market through Q3.

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The 2nd quarter continued to roll out strong economic results in the U.S. Some of this good data buoyed the market slightly in Q2.

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