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Our Management Team has created five portfolios that range from a conservative investment style to an aggressive investment style to meet the needs of every type of investor. Once the appropriate investment style is determined, participants are invested in the portfolio that match their goals, objectives and risk tolerance. Our team then manages the portfolios on an on-going basis, reallocating, rebalancing and replacing poor performers as necessary. Quarterly account statements are provided to participants to allow investors to monitor their account performance. Further, we are always available to answer any questions or address any issue that may arise.

The Portfolios – How They Are Created
MyAdviseMe! portfolios are comprised of actively managed mutual funds that seek to overweight, underweight, and avoid certain asset classes, sectors, etc. An active approach re-allocates funds to capitalize on current global market opportunities. The methodologies used categorize, filter and weigh the universe of asset classes, markets, segments, etc. providing additional value. We seek to also anticipate market movements by watching and measuring the Market fundamentals via general economic analysis.

MyAdviseMe! Portfolios display the optimal mix of investments given the current global market environment. As the portfolios are built, the risk monitoring approach organizes the investing periods in 3, 6 and 9-month increments and provides the framework for forecasting on market dynamics, event risk, and return objectives. As a result, our MyAdviseMe! portfolios seek consistent long term out performance of our benchmarks.

The following preferences are considered, where applicable, when selecting securities to create the portfolios:

  • Fund Reputation and Management: Either the fund family’s manager or investment advisor or both when appropriate, should have a reputation of reliability and a sound financial background
  • Long Term Performance and Relative Risk: The fund’s investment performance should be competitive on a long-term basis and on a risk adjusted basis
  • Competitive and Consistent Performance Measured Against an Appropriate Benchmark: Based on the fund’s investment objective, investment style (growth vs. value) and market sector, and appropriate benchmark will be used for relative investment performance evaluation
  • Consistency of Investment Objective and Investment Approach: The fund manager should consistently manage the fund by the investment objective stated in the prospectus or trust agreement. The portfolio turnover rate and the market value of the entire fund should be consistent with investment style and market sector of the fund
  • Fees: The selected funds should have fees that are reasonable and competitive with similar funds

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