Due Diligence

Our service model is simple: provide our clients the best the industry has to offer.

As the Advisor, we oversee every aspect of the Plan plus provide comprehensive, proactive and knowledgeable servicing of the Plan.

Our services start the day we are hired and we are there every step of the way from Plan Design to the IPS from Fund Selection to Quarterly Due Diligence Reviews. We conduct the most interactive and entertaining participant education programs and our team of experts will handle all aspects of conversions, compliance and fund changes.

Why do we handle this all ourselves?  We believe that what we bring to the table is unparalleled in the industry and that is our commitment to our clients: the best service, period.

Here are some of the services that we provide: 

Design & Implement Investment Policy Statement
After the Investment Policy is in place we work with the Trustees to ensure that the expectations of the Policy are always met and usually exceeded.

Aiding in the Fund Selection Process
We work with our clients to choose the best and most appropriate funds for their plan. Investment performance is essential in the selection process; however, a fund may have satisfactory returns while having substantial risk. We thoroughly evaluate several risk factors to determine the correct mix of risk and return.

  • Pre-selected screening process to choose the top risk-adjusted funds
    per asset class
  • Favorable risk/return trends (3Y, 5Y, 7Y & 10Y)
  • Back-test the manager’s performance in Up/Down markets
  • Detailed analytical statistics and risk measure

Perform Quarterly Due Diligence Reviews
Our extensive quarterly due diligence review provides clients with ‘the state of their Retirement Plan’. We inform on the market, educational campaign, legislative updates, and investment reporting:

  • Fi360 Fiduciary Score Breakdown
  • Investment Snapshot
  • Performance Summary – Broad Market Total Returns
  • Holdings Summary
  • Style Analysis

Conduct Annual Full Plan Reviews
Annually, while conducting the due diligence review, additional aspects of the plan are analyzed and discussed. The additional categories include:

  • The Fees of the Plan
  • The Technology of the Plan
  • Testing and Compliance Issues
  • Ongoing Employee Education Initiative

Advise on Fiduciary/ Compliance Issues
We work with the Trustees to make sure the Plan is 404 (C) compliant, the plan expenses are reasonable, the Plan follows the guidelines set forth in the IPS for prudent investment practices, perform ongoing due diligence of investment managers and vendors, as well as document all necessary items for compliance reporting. ERISA requires an advisor to have extensive fiduciary, regulatory, transactional and practical experience. The Department of Labor has significantly raised its enforcement effort against plan sponsors, targeting fiduciary negligence. Many plan sponsors are unaware that the Department of Labor has jurisdiction over them and fail to understand their fiduciary responsibilities under ERISA. That is where our knowledge and understanding of compliance issues significantly benefit our clients.

Participant Education
While it is listed last, in all likelihood, our employee educational programs are the greatest service that we can offer to our clients and plan participants. Our overall goal with education, and where the significant opportunity exists, is to create an ongoing awareness of the plan. We strive for every employee not currently participating in the plan to enroll, and for those who are currently enrolled to consider increasing their level of participation. This overall "awareness" does not happen overnight, but with our constant and consistent effort, we believe we can make our clients’ plans grow which helps their employees better prepare for their future.

Office Hours
We have been told that the most important service that we provide happens after our education presentations when we conduct our “office hours”. During this time, we are available to all plan participants for a one-on-one meeting to help them with their individual retirement questions and other investment needs.

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