Allocation, Allocation, Allocation.

Did you know that in 2011, 401(k) plans offered an average of 19 investment options, and the average investor used three of them? It is important to pick a mix of equities and bonds that suit your risk tolerance. Stick with an asset allocation that you are comfortable with and, once a year, review your 401(k). If your stock portion has outperformed, then rebalance back to the target allocation.

This way your emotions don’t control your investing and you are buying low and selling high!

Research has found that 401(k) plan participants do not use asset allocation properly: consider from 1990 – 2010 the average stock fund return was 9.14% but the average stock investor only saw a 3.3% return.[1]

That is why we developed  

While some investors can create their own asset allocation model and vigilantly monitor it, most 401(k) participants lack the time, talent and temperament to successfully create an investment model, monitor it, change underperforming investments with similar better performing ones, and rebalance as necessary.


Our Portfolios
We have designed five portfolios to meet the diverse needs of plan participants. Each portfolio has varying asset allocation levels and risk tolerances to accommodate the unique needs of every participant.

Our Resources
Pension Advisors has teamed up with an asset allocation specialist to create, as well as monitor, our portfolios. In addition uses cutting edge technology to stay in step with industry changes, technology advancements, and regulations which could affect your investment portfolio.

Our Guidance
As one of the only pension advisory firms to offer clients a managed account product, we are thrilled to be offering this service to you. We are available to answer any questions you have regarding investments, your company’s retirement plan or the market. Preparing for a comfortable retirement is an ongoing process. We’re here to help you.

Interested Participants
You have an opportunity to meet with our advisors on a one-on-one basis to complete an Risk Tolerance Questionnaire designed to measure your risk tolerance, investment timeline, and retirement goals.

Through your responses, we will be able to assess your retirement goals and savings needs. You will then be provided an individual investment recommendation that details the investment portfolio that will be implemented on your behalf.

Account Management
Once your account has been transferred to its proper portfolio, it will continuously be monitored and periodically rebalanced taking into consideration all of the personalized data available. To enable you to monitor your progress, you will receive a quarterly portfolio review as well as an Account Statement from your vendor.

There is a fee associated with this program. Check with your plan administrator regarding the fee for your company’s plan.

If you would like to learn more about our services, call us at 877-595-0833 or fill out the form below.

[1] Dalbar Research

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